Now the EMP Token is Light Minner!
Rest assured, this change is an evolution of the project. As widely reported on all our social media, a swap period will be held to obtain the new token and all those who have EMP Token in their wallet will be able to  Light Minner tokens.

Light Minner is another Brillacom project and already has a well-structured contract, modernized whitepaper and will have all the attention that a large project deserves.

This grandiose project emerged with the proposal of Mining through the use of renewable energy to carry out its activities, bringing together concepts of sustainability and decentralized finance (DeFi), combined with mining Rigs, trade, Metaverse, NFTs and other blockchain-based initiatives. to improve the usability of your system

We are aligned with ESG concepts and committed to contributing to renewable energy sources. Come with us on this one, check out all the details on the new website and be part of this revolution.

With 100% renewable energy

A Revolution in

the crypto world

With Emp Token, the currency won’t depend so much on buying and selling strength. There will be external liquidity that will provide an automatic asset valuation.



Important information about the token

10 billions
without waiver
Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

Transactional purchases and sales fees:

  • Wallet RIG (5%)
  • Holders (1%)
  • Liquidity (1%)
  • Burn (1%)
  • Project development (2%)
  • Net purchase sale/value (90%)

Criptoactive with sustainable, revolutionary and unprecedented mechanism

We want to build countless mining rigs with 100% clean energy
  • USD (mil)

Which coins will be minerated?

In 2021, the best criptos for mineration with video cards are the ETH and the Ravencoin. However, we won’t limit ourselves to just these to cryptos.

Our specialized team will analyze and choose the most profitable cryptos.

We will operate independently in the cryptocurrency mining business.


Launch | Contract | Partnership in Disclosure | Site Audit
Developing an Application | Whitepaper
Segunda Etapa: Q1
Acquisition of Solar Panels | Acquisition of Video Cards
Acquisition of the Second Container
First Rig Costs | Start of 5% fee for Construction of Rig | Partnership with the Foreign Community
Acquisition of the First Container
Installation of solar panels and video cards | Container Activation | Independent Audit of the Business Group | Start of mining | Availability of API for real-time monitoring of mining

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